Laser Technology in San Juan Capistrano

orthodontic laser treatment imageWhat Are Lasers Used For?

The doctors may recommend the use of a soft-tissue dental laser during or after your orthodontic treatment. The laser procedure is usually performed using only a topical (gel) anesthetic. There is no bleeding and minimal discomfort during and after the use of the laser.

  • Reshape gingival (gum) tissue for improve esthetics.
  • Expose (or uncover) impacted teeth to allow faster eruption of these teeth.
  • Reduce gingival swelling around orthodontic appliances to improve oral hygiene.
  • Release heavy muscular (frenum) attachments that place tension on the gum tissue, which could lead to future gum recession.

Post-operative instructions

  • If needed, ibuprofen can be used for minor discomfort.
  • Use of an antiseptic rinse (ex. Peroxyl) or salt water rinse several times a day for the first few days following the procedure will improve comfort and healing.
  • You will be asked to use vitamin E gel on the area for several days to improve healing.
  • It is important to avoid hot, spicy foods that might irritate the treated areas for the first week.


There is a separate fee associated with the laser treatment, typically between $300-$600. Many times this procedure will be covered partially or fully under your dental insurance plan. We will file the procedure with your insurance company for you. If you do not have insurance coverage, you will be personally responsible for this additional fee.