Palate Expander Instructions in San Juan Capistrano

Schwarz palate expander

schwarz appliance

When indicated, we use a palate expander in growing patients in order to:

  • Widen the upper jaw to create room for erupting permanent teeth
  • Improve upper and lower jaw alignment due to a constricted upper arch
  • Enhance the esthetics of the smile

When you first have the expander placed, your mouth may produce more saliva. If this occurs, make a  conscious effort to swallow normally by closing your lips and pushing your tongue up against the roof of  your mouth. Try not to “slurp” as it will drive your family crazy! This will go away as your brain gets used  to the palate expander- typically after a couple of days.

You may talk a little funny for a day or two until your tongue gets used to sharing space with the  expander – but you will speak normally in no time.

The frequency and number of turns is dependent on each individual case. Please activate as directed by  Dr Sayed the day your expander was placed. If you have any questions, please call our office to clarify.

IMPORTANT! Please only turn the expander every other day! If you miss a day, do not try to make up an  extra turn the next day.

In a well lit area, firmly grip the key. Insert the key carefully into the hole in the middle front part  of the expander. Push the key gently and steadily from the front towards the back of the mouth, in the direction of the arrow. You  should feel some resistance while turning it.   Remove the key by pushing it toward the throat out of the hole.
IT SHOULD NOT HURT AT ALL WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR EXPANDER TURNED. If you feel any discomfort,  please call our office to discuss. A tingling sensation may occur on the bridge of your nose. Over time,  you may develop space between your two front teeth-but don’t worry, it is only temporary.
Brush your teeth as you usually would and brush carefully around your appliance. Use a Water Pik ® and/  or a water syringe   to dislodge food particles that may be trapped under the expander.  Avoid all foods discussed on the “no no list” that we provided to you-ESPECIALLY POPCORN! Popcorn is known to stick  under the expander and cause gum infections.
The length of time you turn or wear your expander depends on what we are trying to  accomplish for you. Most patients have their expander 15 to 18 months, and when the day comes to take it  out, don’t worry! It will be quick, easy, and painless to remove your expander.